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R4 Foundation is a private non-operating charitable foundation funded by a Fort Worth family seeking to help people find what is possible.

“Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time, and always start with the person nearest you.”  Mother Teresa

Types of Grants

In accordance with the Internal Revenue Code, R4 Foundation makes grants to charitable organizations operating within its four pillars of purpose. R4 prefers making grants for innovative programming, but will sometimes give for general operations of proven charities. The granting of applications for capital campaigns and endowments is rare. R4 believes its limited resources are best spent locally as investments within the Fort Worth area.

Who May Apply

Grant applications are made by invitation of R4 Foundation to tax-exempt organizations described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Rarely, R4 may invite and consider grant requests from non-501(c)(3) organizations when the purpose of the grant furthers one or more of R4’s pillars of charitable purpose. R4 does not grant funds to individuals.

When to Apply

Upon invitation, grant submissions should be made by April in the relevant year, as the Board of Directors meets three times during the first half of each year to consider requests. An organization is limited to one application per calendar year.

Review of Application

Receipt of a grant application will be acknowledged via email, and a decision will be made at the next relevant Board meeting. Applicants whose grant proposals are approved will receive a Letter of Agreement outlining the terms and conditions of the grant. After the terms and conditions have been accepted in writing, a schedule of funding will be established. A decision not to grant funds does not speak to R4’s view on the merits of any proposal.

How to Apply

Upon your invitation, use the attached R4 Foundation grant application outline (click to download Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF), and then:

Repeat Applicants

If your organization submitted an application in a previous year, which resulted in a grant from R4, please email or call Bret Helmer to determine whether a new submission is appropriate. Upon a green light, please follow the steps below:

1)  In a one or two page document:

  • Title the document with your organization’s name, address, contact, and date of submission;
  • Describe or recap the progress, results, or data related to your previous R4 grant (numbers, demographics, variables, and/or perceptions);
  • Describe your present request for a new grant.

2)  Attach a list of your current Board of Directors and your current summary budget.

3)  Optional media – attach a short video or photos which may describe the current state of your organization;

4)  Email the document and any optional media to Bret Helmer at

5)  For any grant request exceeding $25,000, please submit the following additional information,

  • Latest summary sheet of IRS Form 990;
  • Previous year’s summary budget and actuals;
  • Final summary letter relating to the most recent financial audit.