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Our vision is for all people to realize healthy lives of substance and value.

Types of Grants

R4 Foundation makes grants to charitable organizations operating within our strategic missions. For now, we believe our limited resources are best spent as investments within Fort Worth. And we prefer to make grants to entities working at the origins of societal issues in order to prevent down-stream problems.     

Who May Apply

Grant applications may be submitted only upon invitation of R4 to tax-exempt organizations described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. We do not grant funds to individuals.

When to Apply

Upon invitation from R4, applicants will receive an access code for entrance into our on-line portal, linked below. Applications should be submitted between January 15 – May 15, as our Board of Directors meets three times during the first half of each year to consider grant applications. 

Review of Application

The R4 Board will review each grant application within 10 weeks of its submission. Upon approval of an application, funding will be accomplished approximately 10 weeks after the signing of a grant agreement.  

How to Apply

Please email Bret Helmer at to confirm an invitation and obtain an access code. Once you have received an access code, please enter our on-line portal to submit your application, here:  On-line Application Portal 

Repeat Applicants

If your organization submitted a successful application in a previous year, please email Bret Helmer at to determine whether a new submission is appropriate. Upon a green light, you will receive a new access code to apply through the same on-line portal, here:  On-line Application Portal


“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”  Theodore Roosevelt